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CompTIA Cloud+



This course covers in depth the skills and abilities needed to operate in the cloud, validating that candidates have the technical experience needed to deploy, secure, and automate environments regardless of the vendor solution.


1. Understanding Cloud Concepts

·         Topic 1A- Recognize Cloud Concepts

·         Topic 1B- Recognize Cloud Terms

·         Topic 1C- Understand the Troubleshooting Methodology


2. Planning and Designing a Cloud Environment

·         Topic 2A- Meet Cloud Business Requirements

·         Topic 2B- Design Capacity Planning and Requirements


3. Administering Cloud Resources

·         Topic 3A- Manage Cloud Administration

·         Topic 3B- Manage Compute Resources in the Cloud

·         Topic 3C- Manage Memory Resources


4. Managing Cloud Storage

·         Topic 4A- Understand Cloud Storage Types

·         Topic 4B- Configure Cloud Storage Solutions

·         Topic 4C- Configure Cloud Storage Protocols and RAID


5. Managing Networks in the Cloud

·         Topic 5A- Deploying Cloud Network Services

·         Topic 5B- Identify Cloud Network Infrastructure Components


6. Securing and Troubleshooting Networks in the Cloud

·         Topic 6A- Secure a Network in a Cloud Environment

·         Topic 6B- Troubleshooting Cloud Connectivity


7. Managing Cloud Migrations and Troubleshooting Cloud Deployments

·         Topic 7A- Manage Cloud Migrations

·         Topic 7B- Troubleshoot Cloud Deployment and Migration Issues


8. Managing Cloud Automation and Orchestration

·         Topic 8A- Understand Cloud Automation and Orchestration Techniques

·         Topic 8B- Troubleshoot Automation and Orchestration in the Cloud


9. Understanding Cloud Security Concepts

·         Topic 9A- Administer Identity and Access Management in the Cloud

·         Topic 9B- Manage Cloud Operating System and Application Security

·         Topic 9C- Manage Data Security and Compliance in the Cloud


10. Managing Cloud Security

·         Topic 10A- Implement Security Measures in the Cloud Domain

·         Topic 10B- Troubleshoot Cloud Security


11. Managing Cloud Performance

·         Topic 11A- Operate Efficiently in the Cloud

·         Topic 11B- Accomplish Cloud Operations Tasks

·         Topic 11C- Optimize Cloud Resources

·         Topic 11D- Troubleshoot Common Cloud Performance Problems


12. Managing Maintenance in the Cloud

·         Topic 12A- Configure Logs, Monitoring, and Alerting for Cloud Services

·         Topic 12B- Manage Backup and Restore in the Cloud


13. Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

·         Topic 13A- Understand High Availability and Scaling in the Cloud

·         Topic 13B- Manage Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

·         Topic 13C- Incident Response